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Problem with Homag Venture 316 L 5 axis machine

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Written on: 07. 01. 2013 [19:38]
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registered since: 07.02.2012
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On this machine I have problem with " Drilling with A-angle "
This option is not activated on the machine. ( Default settings )
When i go to WoodWop info then press Ctrl+Alt+G, I see that icon in available macros.
Add it to Selected macros.
Problem is that I have 8 mm dowel drill in HSK 63, so I can be able to drill at 45 degrees ( example ) but it has to go from 0 to 90 degrees.

Question is which " Tool code " I must put in WZ_DBE so I can do that?

When i use this " Drilling with A-angle " set the axis-x,set axis-y,set the c-axis,set the angle
press NC generate or want to save file I got error message. ( error in control\m1 \c1 )
Have this message in Error.jpeg on my machine but forgot to copy it.
will do tomorrow,and post it on this thread.

any help appreciated
Written on: 13. 01. 2013 [14:08]
registered since: 10.02.2010
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i gues you wil need to give it tool ID 60 or 62

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Written on: 18. 01. 2013 [19:41]
Topic creator
registered since: 07.02.2012
Posts: 7
"martus" wrote:

i gues you wil need to give it tool ID 60 or 62

Had to call Homag online service it was a software problem. Some files for drilling with A-angle was missing. Now works perfectly .


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