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Download copy protection system "License Server"

A few software products are protected by a software copy protection. The system which is in use by HOMAGis called "License Server". This software is checking the licenses on a single PC or in a network.

To install theses evaluation versions it is necessary to install the License server first.

Download "License Server"

Download woodWOP 6.1-Demo

woodWOP 6.1 is the actual CNC programming system of the HOMAG Group. The large graphics area with a three-dimensional view of the workpiece is the centerpiece of the innovative surface. Routing, drilling or sawing can quickly and easily be programmed by entering the machining parameters and displayed realistically in the graphics area. This guarantees highest programming safety and permanent control during program generation

Download woodWOP 6.1 demo version

Download woodWOP DXF-Import (Version

The interface for CAD data import

  • Workpiece geometry import from CAD systems
  • Application of defined machining steps
  • Generation of woodWOP macros

Download the woodWOP DXF-Import Demo


Download woodNest Basic demo (Version 2.0)

The nesting technique is used to collate order-specific production batches with optimized cutting waste. Classical fields of application include not only boat and frame building (upholstered furniture), caravan and toy construction, but also just-in-time production of furniture components, kitchen and bathroom furniture.
Where automatic solutions are already available (for example woodNest professional) a smart and easy solution, for users who only need nesting functions from time to time, was missing.
This functionality is now available with woodNest Basic. woodWOP programs could be nested by drag & drop and manually movement and rotation.

 Download woodNest basic demo version


This evalution version is protected by license server. Please download the setup for the license server first:

Download license server